How do I get my 8 year old cat to stop urinating?

My 8 year old male cat has recently started urinating on my pillow and blankets in my home. He has NEVER done this before. Usually he is very well behaved. Is there something I can do about this, or what may be causing him to act in this way?

Answer #1

I agree take it to the vet. Also are you keeping the litter box clean? Cats are funny about a dirty littler box. Plus is there anything that could be scaring it away from the litter box area? Another cat, kid, dog or whatever. Just some ideas.

Answer #2

I agree…he may well have a Urinary Tract Infection…older cats are prone to have them…so take him to the vet, in order to eliminate a physical cause…He may even need a change of food to prevent crystals in his bladder…Make sure his box is cleaned out…

But take him to the vet first.


Answer #3

He may be sick. Maybe now that he’s getting older he’s losing bladder control? Take him to a vet. If your cat is sick, they’ll give medication. If not, they’ll tell you how to make him stop doing thid.

Answer #4

Also, you know how cats can be, if you are their favorite person and you recently started staying away from home longer, or if you’ve stopped your nightly ‘rub downs’, it might simply be mad at you. I say this because he is peeing on your personal space, not randomly across the house. Even if this is this case, PLEASE dont hesitate to bring him to the vet. He will be able to give you tips to get the cat back to its normal bathroom behaviour in any case

Answer #5

she needs to see a vet.also bringing a new pet in,may cause cats to do this my cat did the same thing he is 15 years old.he was not happy with our new cat,so the new cat she at my sisters now and he is happy again…

Answer #6

Try giving your pet more love. The same thing happened on Holgan knows best

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