When I get my male cat nutered will he stop going all over?

My cat uses the entire house as a cat box will it stop if I get him nutered. He poops on the couch even

Answer #1

No it won’t get him to stop…Neutering will only get him to stop spraying everywhere and mating with female cats. Make sure he knows where his litter box is, put him in the litter box when you think he is about to go. If the litter isn’t clean your cat might not want to go in it either. Reward him with cat treats when he goes in the litter and spray him with clean water from a water bottle when he goes on the floor, the water won’t hurt him only teach him not to go on the floor, but make sure when you spray him it’s right when he is doing it. Doing it hours after he went will only get him agitated…Hope I helped :) You can Fun mail if you have anymore questions :D

Answer #2

You need to house train him too, House training cats is a lot harder than house training dogs. You could squirt him with a water gun when he pees of the couch and soon he will get the idea that its bad to pee on the couch. Or when hes pooping, pick him up and put him in the litterbox. It will take a few weeks but he will catch on. He is most probably just marking his territory. You can buy this spray that you spray where you want them to pee and they will pee on it. Getting him neutered might help the problem, but wont stop it completely.

Answer #3

No…this is a behavioral problem, not a hormone problem.


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