Overweight cat pooping on rug

I have a 5-year-old overweight, neutered male cat who has decided to start pooping on the bathroom rugs. I have bought larger litter boxes, bought more expensive scoopable litter, sprayed the rugs with “cat odor takeaway” spray, and tried to give him more attention. He eats all the time, and I am trying to convert him to diet food. I also have a small female cat and do not want to restrict her food. Any help out there.

Answer #1

get some tissue and pick his poop up and put it in his litter box and leave it uncovered. you can also restrict their food 2-3 meals a day at the same times everyday and he will have more predictable bowel movements, when its time for him to poop, take him to his litter box and let him do his business. you might have to do these things a few times before he gets it.

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