Why is America bent on killing people in other places?

I just wana ask why americain army iz killilg people sorry just muslims on the name of terorrizam let me ask if they are so thats mean you will rape small girlz you will kill the children you will kill old people if america army think they are brave I will say hann its just bla bla talibansare are more brave than them I chalange american army just creat one susitebomber they cant thay just know how 2 kill not 2 die the diffrance between american army and taliban iz that american love their lives talibans love death

Answer #1

well americans have been critisized over freindly fire and oc course the people who think this are most probably right but we cannot blame the americans for it.. ithink

Answer #2

I don’t think we should blame America for this happening but the people actually killing others.Certain indivduals have played their own part under their own actions without orders. I think the best thing America can do is stop this senseless killing

Answer #3

My husband is in the Army. They are trying to make life better for people over there. The taliban is nothing but cowards who kill innocent people. Not just Americans but people from there own country. I am not for war but I stand behind my President and I hope things are changed for the better.

Answer #4

Americans kill people for asking retarded questions that are hardly discernible. Watch out. They are definitely coming for you next.

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