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Why do people dislike America?

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when ever someone says something bad about the U.S.A i try to understand it from there perspective and of course our country has made mistakes but what country hasn't. one thing i don't understand is why some people think we are evil.i truly believe that the U.S.A does try to help other country. We aren't out to take over the world. and im not gonna lie of course some of the things we do are for our benefit but then again what country doesn't make decisions that are good for there country. i don't always agree with what other country's do or what my government does a matter of fact. but what i feel people need to realize is that country's are run by people and most people on this earth are trying to do good.and i sometimes think people forget this just because a person who is saying something different then what they believe they refuse to think about there ideas and then see them as trying to ruin everything.