Is it wrong or right to miss 61% of the votes you should be in on?

McCain now ranks as the #1 most absent senator of the 110th Congress. This, to me, is a serious problem. We have the constitution being tossed out tomorrow by allowing investigation without a warrant (the wiretapping issue) and one of the contender’s for president is the most absent member of this congress.

Do you think it’s a good excuse to bail on the job you’re being paid to do by the government to run for president? in my opinion, I don’t think so - you’ll note that Clinton & Obama don’t have this distinction, nor were the other republican candidates close to the McCain record…thoughts?

Answer #1

rickd - you can bet that I research BEFORE I say it… I don’t lie or make up things about ANY person, no matter what my feelings are…

Answer #2

Yes, rickd. Like the day Bush was playing golf and said he didn’t know where Osama bin Laden was and didn’t care…

Answer #3

I believe Bush is the MOST vacationed president, perhaps McCain is just following his example and gearing up for the many nap-filled vacation days he will get if he is elected.

Answer #4

It’s easy to criticize but what are the facts. Was his vote needed? If it wasn’t needed, could he have been off doing something that was more important for his constituents and the American public?

We don’t elect our legislators to be at every vote. We elect them to do what THEY think is best for us.

Answer #5

“The Bush Whitehouse has had better work ethic than any previous president.”

Using the words ethic and bush whitehouse in the same sentence is hilliarous. You are one funny guy rickd.

Oh I am sure this white house works very hard (not bush, just the WH), but there are no ethics involved.

McCain will just be more of the same…

Answer #6

Frankly, being a senator pays far more than it should…LOL…considering, that taking McCain absenteeism off the top of a long list of Senators without showing ALL of them. For all I know, he may have missed only one vote more than 50 others…and 2 votes more than the other 50…It’s out of context…let’s see the whole story. And is that just for the last year, out of HOW MANY other years?

Obama hasn’t been on Congress long enough to have amassed much disticntion on anything.


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