Right or wrong to use nuclear weapons in WWlll?

Will it be right or wrong for America or any other country to use nuclear weapons in the next world war?

Answer #1

Given the times in which we live it would be extremely naive to even think a country that had it would not use it - if truely WWlll, all countries involved - sadly, it would be launch or your annihilation - so the point is moot given today’s world - ideally, any civilized person would say, wrong, but we’re past that luxury.

Answer #2

It would be madness. That seems to make it wrong.

Answer #3

wrong, nukes are cheasy, I wish warfare was still sword and shield

Answer #4

Despite what you hear in the media, the majority of people in many countries still want their government to improve ties with the United States and have better relations with us on many issues.

I can guarantee that if the US were to use nuclear weapons in a war, it would lose any and all of the international good will that remains.

It’s also worth noting that the majority of Russian and American people, in polls, are very much in favor of continued disarmament. Using nukes, as the others have pointed out, would be madness.

Answer #5

was it right to use a nuke at the end of the second world war? in my opinion no.

the reason given for using the nuke on japan was to end the war. when in fact, the war was more or less already won. some american and british soldiers lives were no doubt saved by the dropping of the bomb, but im pretty sure the vast majority of the japanese that were killed by these bombs were civillians. which in reality is an awful offence to commit. (not that the japanese hadnt commited their own atrocities)

the nuclear bomb was used, I believe, more to set america apart as a big power and to let the russians know (they were developing their own nuke) ‘we have the balls to use it’. in many ways though I believe the use of nuclear weapons at the end of the second world war has very much helped keep the rest of the world in check and not led to any other major power conflicts so far. disarming would cause anarchy between countries and would never happen. and on the matter of what would happen if someone dropped the first 1.. well we can never know for sure, but it could very well cause a cataclysmic chain of events that would wipe out all major population cities in the world.

so good and bad has in fact come from it, but im not so sure that the good outweighs the bad

Answer #6

It will most likely not happen because global warming is already happening. Nukes blow wholes threw the atmosphere. I dont think America will you use them but other countries might deem it necessary

Answer #7

Is there anyone out there who really think that it would be right to ever use nuclear weapons ever again?

Answer #8

I dont think a war should ever start…not to mention not using nuclear weapons…the destruction and the hazard that come from it is enough to make one shiver just thinking about it

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