Eatin meat-Do you think its right or wrong?

I personally think its cruel and I believe the only diference form an animal and a human is the brain. Animals are samrt they feel they have emotions,they get angry , sad upset… I think its wrong…

Answer #1

Utopia, what the hell is wrong with people, that video is sicking. I don’t want to hear anyone b*tch about hunters after watching that. Those people have mental issues. How can you take a baby pig and slam its head on to the floor, pile them up and watch them still move around. At least with hunters it is for food and yes it is a sport TO MAKE A GOOD SHOT AND KILL THE ANIMAL. not torture them. Those people need to have their head slamed into the wall or be NEUTERED WITH no meds and maybe have an arm cut off. Look I now this happens to animals everyday and people are made more aware of it and things are being done about it, It is just hard for me to swollow how much is done to childeren everyday also. We need to step up for all unheard voices. Oh I am so made right now GRRR!!! I want to reach in and rip there balls off. I just have to add on more comment. There is a difference between someone who raises animals to slaughter them, then to these sickos who have mental problems. That was not a video of a slaughter house, that was rapist and abusers and mental patients.

Answer #2

I am a vegetarian. I made this decision initially because of my love and respect for animals. I now am a vegetarian because of this and because of health and ecological issues. I have no problem with meat eaters. But I want to point out. Unless you are purchasing free-range animals you are buying factory farmed animals. The conditions these animals are raised in are deplorable. The methods used to kill these animals are beyond cruel. To view a undercover video of the methods used in a pig factory farm please visit

Be prepared, this is graphic and hard to watch. Before your cast it aside, know that after viewing this video, the authorities arrested and are in the process of prosecuting many of the workers who inflicted the abuse. This is a pig factory farm that supplies meat for Hormel, a large producer of pork products.

If you must eat meat, insist the animals are treated in a humane way.

Answer #3

I don’t think eating meat is right or wrong. It’s a personal decision.

Humans are omnivores meaning that we can live on plant or animal foods. When you look at our bodies we are much closer to herbivores than carnivores. Our ability to eat meat has been essential for our success as a species. We can survive where there is little meat or we can survive where there are few plants. There are people who eat just nuts, berries, and tubers while in other parts of the world there are people who survive on little else but seal meat and whale blubber.

Vegetarians on the average are healthier and live longer than people who eat meat. The production of meat is a lot more of an environmental burden than growing grains and vegetables. While I don’t consider eating meat to be immoral the way livestock are treated in some factory farms is.

I don’t consider eating meat to be immoral but I think that it is better to be a vegetarian. Vegetarianism is better for you, better for the environment, and better for the animals.

Answer #4

There is something about free range altough its expensive it is much better then traditional chicken. Ouch I just said traditional chicken, there is somthing wrong with that statement.

Answer #5

I agree with Utopia’s last message 100%!!!

Answer #6

Yea I am aware of all that. ( watched Oprah) LOL. Living in small cages is one thing. The way those guys acted was another. Their was something wrong with them. They need anger managment classes.

Answer #7

I belive it is natural to eat meat. its the reson many animals- humans inclusive- have pointed canine teeth (eye teeth for humans), for tearing through flesh. and your absolutely correct, humans and animals are the same- human is just another animal- and so if its acceptable for animals to eat meat, why not humans?

Answer #8

I don’t think it’s wrong. It’s a part of life. What I don’t like is the environment people raise them in and how they kill them…that’s what I don’t like.

Answer #9

Melovesyouu - Please read my answer. I am a vegetarian but I did not try to discourage anyone from eating meat. What I tried to do was encourage people to care where that meat comes from. How the animals were treated before they were killed. How they were treated during their life. If you want to eat meat, fine. But that doesn’t mean any animals needs to be treated in an inhumane manner. Have the cows raised in a field and graze. Same for the pigs. Allow the chickens to live outside of cages and not packed into wires cages, unable to spread their wings. Eat meat, but make sure the animals aren’t abused before they are killed. And make sure they are killed as humanely as possible. Unless you think it is wrong to treat all life with dignity.

Answer #10

Yes, animals DO have a brain. But humans have been killed by animals before. There are cannibalistic tribes out there. And while people may not agree with cannibals, they aren’t stopping them. So why should vegetarians try to make others believe what they do? I’m just saying- its a personal decision. If it makes you feel better to not eat meat, then great. Don’t. But don’t try to get others to stop too. That’s their choice.

Answer #11

Animals are very smart! I found out that pigs are smarter than dogS. . the pig has been proven smarter and some people have even started having pigs as pets! Why is it okay for us to eat one and not the other. I just dont feel rite eating another being. They have a life. I just think that something wouldnt be created simply for the purpose of being being food for another being.

Answer #12

I agree with desperatelynervous, also. Animals eat other animals… its a part of the ecosystem, etc. So I think its definitely okay to eat meat, but it’s also okay to choose NOT to. What ISN’T right is vegetarians trying to force their beliefs upon or judge non-vegetarians, or people making fun of vegetarians. Its a personal decision.

Answer #13

I agree with DESPERATLYNERVOUS. People seem to forget that in the wild, animals eat other animals. This is the circle of life. There is even canablism in animals. I think if it is your religion not to eat meat the so be it, but don’t look down your nose at people that do. For the past two day I have seen 4 deer dead on the road. I could not imagine what the population would be without hunting or eating of animals. WE ARE TAKING UP ALL THE LAND.

Answer #14

I know that. Read my last answer. I wasn’t saying you WERE telling people not to eat meat. You asked if I thought it was right or wrong- part of my answer was that neither belief should be forced upon people. I was simply answering your question.

Answer #15

It was an example of factory farming. And it is horrible. They breed in crowed cages and pens, with no thought to the animal. That is what prop 2 in California was about. Setting a minimum standard for cage size, etc. If I ate meat, I would only eat free range.

Answer #16

personally, I’m a vegetarian because I can’t stand to think of eating animals. but honestly I think it’s a choice everyone makes for themselves. and I’m not saying one side is right and one is wrong. in nature, animals DO eat other animals. but. in nature, animals don’t raise other animals just for the purpose of eating them. they actually work for the food. *and shaydi, animals AREN’T dumb. it’s been proven that animals can think for themselves, and they’ve got better knowledge than half the people that walk around here. they have emotions, and in fact, there’s been plenty of cases that a pet has saved their owner’s life simply because they sensed something was wrong. something that many people can’t do because they don’t follow instincts.

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