What am i doing wrong?

I workout everyday except saturdays for like 2 hours. I'm eating less and healthy meals and drinking a lot of water and I'm not loosing weight!!! What's wrong with me am I doing something wrong???

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Well how long have you been going through this routine for? You should never expect immediate results in terms of weight-loss and you must also remember that through working out, you also gain muscle mass as you lose fat. Hence, the amount of 'weight' you lose may not seem so significant.

What kinds of food do you eat? What exercises are you doing? These questions need to be answered before anyone can give you a decent response.

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Okay ill eat a boiled egg with 2 glasses of water. Lunch would be a sandwich wheat bread, 1 slice of cheese and 2 hams. And if I get hungry ill have a fiber bar and water as a snack and dinner is usually lean chicken with vegies or soup. And I run on the treadmill 2 hours everyday except saturdays.

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I started this since last week. And haven't lost not 1 pound.

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Just last week? It takes many weeks to lose weight healthily. Oats are a much better option for weight-loss than eggs if you are referring to breakfast. Running and other cardiovascular exercises are great for losing weight, so keep at it.

Beans are another attractive option because they are high in fibre, contain little fat and fill you up quickly without you having to over-eat. Just keep at it and don't be discouraged by the scales. As long as you know you are on a healthy weight-loss routine, then eventually the pounds will shed.

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Thank you ill add oatmeal and more beans. (= <3

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Eat every three hours. It will take some getting used too but if your body notices that its getting a constant supply of energy it will not go into storagemode and build up fat. it doesnt hafta be big meals neither. small meal then snack. small meal then snack. like for brekkie have toast and eggs and a glass of milk. for the snack a slim fast shake. or a protein bar.

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