Would some of you think Obama's religion is a cult?

Would some of you think Obama’s religion is a cult? They don’t discuss this in the news media anymore but, I don’t think the trinity church is a church I would attend. Not only do I think it’s a cult, but, his pastor that transferred to another church is preaching false doctorine. So, what do you all think?

Answer #1

Thank you, warmheart, for injecting that thoughtful and insightful commentary into an otherwise baseless and meandering discussion. Once again, your keen insight into spiritual matters has cut to the quick of the issue and left us all a little better for it.

Jay kay. That analogy made no sense whatsoever.

Answer #2

Obama is a Christian…Perhaps not exactly like your denomination, but he is a christian.

The Trinity Church is based on Black Liberation Theology. The preaching at Trinity maintains that African Americans must be liberated from multiple forms of bondage — social, political, economic and religious. Black consciousness and the black experience of oppression are the basis for black liberation theology – I.e., one of victimization from white oppression. This liberation involves empowerment and seeks the right of self-definition, self-affirmation and self-determination. Trinity United Church of Christ is founded on this theology.

Enough! The man is Christian! Just because a church does not agree with your beliefs DOES NOT make it a cult…how insulting…

I don’t care WHAT religion Obama is or McCain for that matter…I care what kind of leader he will be…and if he will get us out of this war.

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…his pastor that transferred to another church is preaching false doctorine…

…and that’s… bad, suprising, or uncommon to you?

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I think all religion is cultist, yours and mine. We are creatures of routine and prone to brainwashing.

Answer #5

Yes it is and to have people think that its their way or no way you are all wrong its God’s way . If you can’t put God first then you have nothing but trouble and trials all the time . but most of you is see dont have God at all but I will pray for you .

Answer #6

It’s no crazier than any other religion. More to the point, a candidate’s religion should be irrelevant anyway.

Answer #7

One of the amazing experiences of my life has been worshipping at an International Church for the last 3 years. There, we come together as evangelical Christians from all over the world, and discover that we have some TOTALLY different ways of doing things, and even some surprisingly different beliefs.

It does us all good to realise that, while Jesus is the centre for all of us, a German Christian has some really different priorities to an African one, who again is most unlike an Indonesian Christian, who once again has only Jesus in common with an American believer. Therefore I would go with amoeba’s statement that Christians can be extraordinarily varied, and that learning to accept those differences has been a really valuable experience for me.

Answer #8

If Christianity is a cult, then semis run on gasoline!

Answer #9

I say, who cares!!!

Answer #10

Have you ever thought all religions are cults?

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Answer #12

Yes, but I consider all of Christianity a cult.

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