choose a religion-EVERYONE

choose a random religion that you think would be completely different to the religion you are now…

I choose BUDHISM x

Answer #1

Alyssa, if you’re Christian it would be Satanism, they are mirror opposites of each other. I’m Witch, there really isn’t an opposite for that, though once, way back when, I use to be Christian, that would be completely different for me now, but to take it a step farther, why not Jehovah Witness

Answer #2

I’m agnostic so being a atheist would be opposite of me

Answer #3

I am Buddhist, so…I guess Christianity

Answer #4

Exact oppsite of me would be Christianity.

Answer #5

I’m agnostic so being a atheist would be opposite of me

…HOW? O_o

I’M agnostic, and I think the opposite would be clinical insanity.

Answer #6

Old Norse Mythology.

Answer #7

I’ve honestly been confused about what my religion is for a while now, but I’d have to say, Christian

Answer #8

agnostic?its not real a religion but meh lol

Answer #9


Answer #10


Answer #11


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