Do you think it bad to convert religions?

My parents are catholics and I started attending a christian church I reallly dont believe in nothing of my religion and I strongly believe in the christian religion I changed tremendously in a good way since I started attending im 16 so I think I know what im doing.. Do you think it bad to convert religions??

Answer #1

I’m a Christian, if I can help you any just funmail…Take care !!

Answer #2

that’s ok. I mean, you should get to choose your religion right? Not be born into it. and it sounds as if you believe strongly in it so that’s good. Perhaps you should try exploring other religions before you make a final choice.

Answer #3

Just do your own thing, if you dont believe it then you dont have to believe it. The thing with belief is it cant be forced upon you it is chosen, so yeah be yourself :)

Answer #4

naw its nawt bad. you still believe in sumtin just nawt da same as them im christian 2 and my dad and mom or catholics but nothin is wrong wit believein in sumtin diff

Answer #5

ya…go with whatever you want… nobody owns you! be free:P;)

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