Why do you all think your religion is right arrgh?

I just want to know why everyone thinks there religion is right. john lennon is god, he wrote about no religion, what would religous nuts find to fight about if there was no religion..

Answer #1

when you are religious, its part of your religion to believe you are right.. otherwise why bother? I hope you can see the logic in this. your my example of the “religious tolerant” person who is merely wearing the label. for example, you say I have the right to BELIEVE chairs have four legs… but I have to walk about acting as if they had two, or seven? hmm… that sure does put a major restriction on my religious freedom, and quite a contradiction on yourself.

Answer #2

If there were no religion, it would be a good step in the right direction, but our tribal instinct would latch onto other ways of separating ourselves from others.

Much of the jingoistic nationalism rampant around the globe has nothing to do with religion.

Answer #3

The majority of people dont know they’re right? Most people operate only under assumption? Uhm no. No one KNOWS they are right. EVERYONE operates under assumption.

Answer #4

First of all the fact is that the majority of people do not know if their religion is right!! I may sound blunt but that is the truth. They do put up a fight however when someone says something that sounds against their religion. Most people operate only under assumption.

Answer #5

well ,, everybody thinks so because he was raised to believe in certain things ,one of them is religion ,, so if your parents are muslim ,christian or jewish or even un religious so you mostly will obtain it ,,, but what differs between someone to another is his ability to be openminded ,, my father for example is muslim and my mom is chrestian ,,, and me I choose what suits me from both and I dont remember that they fight about their belives ,,, well that how its in egypt ,, we dont care peoples religion that much anyway

Answer #6

My religion is right for me. My neighbour’s religion is right for her. My friend’s religion is right for him.

We all have differing religions, and not one of us has stated that our own religion is the religion - it’s just the one that fits us best.

Answer #7

if we didnt all believe our religion/belieft system/whatever was right then why would we waste our time with it?

Answer #8

I don’t think my religion is necessarily ‘right’, and I’m prepared to change it to suit my needs. All that matters to me is that I think it’s right for ME. In all honesty I don’t even know if I believe in the concepts of ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. It’s just however you make ends meet.

Answer #9

That last part of your question is really the kicker, as if all interpersonal hostility stems from religion. I’m feeling incredibly hostile towards you right now because you present your opinions in a rude and inconsiderate manner, and I’m an atheist. So much for that theory.

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