Why do the littlest cuts or scratches bleed so much (read description)?

Today at work i was cleaning the meat machine and saw i had blood running down my hand. it didn’t hurt but needless to say i had a mini freak out moment until i wiped it to realize it was only a thin scratch haha. Regardless, it got me wondering why would something so small bleed so much?

Answer #1

Possibly you could have cut an small artery or a vein. When you cut those even a small cut can yield quite a large amount of blood.

Answer #2

i mean it was by my thumb. i don’t know where my artery’s are in my hand so it is quite possible your on to something =)

Answer #3

i agree with janice you could have cut a vein or something

Answer #4

There is an artery in your thumb - you can sometimes feel a pulse from it. Did you happen to cut it near the phalange to phalange joint? I did that once, at it poured blood. I cupped my hands and they filled up with blood.

Answer #5

maybe its deep

Answer #6

If you are very warm or if you eat certain foods, your blood vessels will get wider and carry more blood (garlic, rosemary, alcohol). Some other things (smoking cigarettes) will narrow your blood vessels. Some foods will also speed up (fish oil papaya, ginger) or slow down (soy milk, ginseng) blood clotting.

If the small blood vessels in your hands are wide, even a small scratch can bleed a lot. And if your blood clotting is slow, then it won’t stop bleeding anytime soon.

Answer #7

There is a chance you got an artery but you probably didn’t, the skin on your fingers isn’t very strong. I remember this one time I was opening a can of spaghetti and cut my pointer finger the tiniest bit and blood absolutely p*ssed out! It didn’t hurt at all but it even left a scar!

Answer #8

its not its literally a scratch lol

Answer #9

idk its like right on my knuckles area of the thumb the length across

Answer #10

idk its like right on my knuckles area of the thumb the length across

Answer #11

oh ok, well i was using really hot water, it was bleeding pretty good so i just put a bandaid on it and 5 min later cuz i was washing dishes it started falling off and it stopped bleeding.

Answer #12

How does one cut an artery or a vein if it is a small cut? They’re not on the surface. By definition, one has to cut deeply in order to reach the artery or vein.

Answer #13

If you cut an artery, it would have been deep, and you’d be in the hospital. Arteries are deep so that people don’t accidentally bleed to death on a regular basis. Some areas simply bleed more.

Answer #14

well thank you for your logical answer =) i wasn’t at the least bit worried i did something serious i just thought it was odd how much a simple scratch bled lol

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