Why won't my foot stop hurting after I got a cramp 3 days ago?

I got a cramp in my foot arch 3 days ago, ever since i’ve had a feeling like it’s going to cramp again, and also it’s really painful at the moment, it feels like someone is stabbing me in the foot? I’ve massaged it, had a heatbag on it, put it in warm water, put all sorts of cream on it & still nothing.. The only time the pain sort of stops is when i stand up. I can’t even move my foot laying down without it having the feeling like it’s going to cramp..

Answer #1

maybe its a trapped nerve or you pulled a muscle in ur foot

Answer #2

Maybe. Go to a Chiropractor.

Answer #3

It’s possible that you have pulled a muscle. Also if you were wearing shoes or are wearing shoes that are not suitable for you feet, that could be the reason. Try massaging it yourself and if the pain continues, either speak to a doctor or go to a chiropractor.

Answer #4

You might have pulled something, or meaby you turned it a wrong way when you where traying to get rid of it. Also if it was your first cramp or something, its going to hurt. Just because of the impact it had onyiur mucles and stuff, might be a little soar. If it keeps going on see a doctor to be on the safe side.

Answer #5

The best way to stop this feeling (it is a right pain I know) is to stretch my foot, I have found. Whenever you get cramp, try and stretch the cramping muscle through the pain. It hurts, but it is stopping the basic cramp and it will last a lot less time and not cause the after effects either. The change in angle and slight stretching of the muscles could well be why it hurts less to stand up. Sit for a while and just bend your ankle and stretch your foot muscles out. It may not still go away straight away as it has been there so long, but this can help a lot and mayt also help if you have trapped a nerve in it.

Make sure you wear shoes that are not too tight and give you lots of support for now, as friction on the foot can make it worse. Then just try stretching whenever you get the chance to sit down. It should be sorted by the time you wake up again :) if not then go to the doctor and see what they recommend.

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