Can an executor make you get home insurance?

I recently inherited a home (the one I have been living in my whole life). The executor of the will, who is also the lawyer is trying to make me get home insurance. I cant afford it right now and Im moving in a couple months anyways. Can he do this? He said I have 30 days or he will get it and I have to pay for it, and that if he has to get it it will be more expensive. This doesnt sound right to me. We are paying for probate to have the house put in our names, so I dont see what it matters to him. But he says that if it were to burn down it would be him that has to pay for it all. I dont get it. Does anyone know if hes actually aloud to force us to get home insurance? We owe him 18,000$ when the house sells for fees and being the executor, does this change anything? Any information would be helpful. Thank you.

Answer #1

Insurance laws depend on the state that you are in. You should contact another lawyer and ask them. However, you’re completely right in asking because a statute of limitations only 30 days sounds a bit ridiculous.

Answer #2

Yes I agree it does, and Im in Canada, thanks for answering :) I think I will have to ask another lawyer..probably my best bet.

Answer #3

When you have a mortgage on a home, the mortgage company or bank will force you to get home insurance, obviously because they want to protect their interest. If you’re saying that you owe this lawyer $18,000 now, I guess that’s the amount he’s worried he will not get, if anything happens to the house.

Home insurance can be relatively cheap depending on where you live. It may end up only costing something like $60 a month.

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