Why shouldn't I join the marines?

My wife is in the navy and stationed in Norfolk Va, I want to join the marines but would also like to be stationed near her. I know that I would of course get sent to Afganastan or Iraq but what are the chances of my home base being near norfolk. I would love to ask a recruiter but they lie a lot.

Answer #1

Your best bet to be stationed near your spouse if you go USMC is to be an MP. I believe the Navy uses Marine MPs at their bases. Otherwise you’ll likely be stationed at the larger USMC posts, depends on your job type really.

There are USMC satellite bases in the Norfolk area.

Answer #2

MP is really the only thing you can do unless you join the Navy as well and then they will station you together. You’ll be put on the same base after Basic and usually be near her unless you’re deployed.

Answer #3

you should talk to some other marines b/c they want lie to you abt what your going to probably get into. The will tell you whethr or not they will try to make arrangements for you…

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