Should I join the Marines

I want to join the USMC but I get scared easiley and every one in my family who was in the military got shot but lived and my girlfriend says she might not be able to wait for me but I want to be something better than a football playing skater please help

Answer #1

yea I agree the marines have one of the toughest training regimens in all the armed forces besides special forces. if your unsure about going into combat yes you could become a POG but I recommend looking into the National Guard. theres a lot of oppurtunities they give you during and after your military career. money for college and the likes

Answer #2

Ah, I too am joining the USMC. The USMC isn’t just Infantry, it is everything. I am joining O311, Infantry Rifleman, but you can be anything. If you’re afraid of combat, then be a POG[Personnel Other than Grunt]. You won’t be gone very long for deployments, about 7-18 months at a time with 1-3 months on leave.

About your girlfriend, if she can’t wait for you then she’s not for you. My girlfriend of 1yr. 6 mths. is still with me and I leave in a year to enlist. Tell her there’s non-Combatant positions, unless of course you really want to be in combat.

The USMC isn’t for anyone though. You have to be physically tough, and mentally tougher. I hope it helped you.

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