Joining the Marines

If everything goes as planned I’ll be leaving for the Marines in 2 or 3 months. Any tips from any Marines out there? Or any tips from anyone with a knowledge of the Marines?

Answer #1

Some of what they said is true but watch your A__ an if you have a Attitude lose it or thell have you for breakfast,Lunch,Supper an then some but pay attention an you wont be getting no sleep at all for a week or so for I took my Basic at Parris Island an theirs only one way in an one way out cause out on a penisula of land an surrounded by a Very big marshy swamp an alligators an mosquitos from HELL,an if your small frame they put muscles on you an if your big Ull lose weight an replace fat with muscles.An lookout for Urself but dont be afraid to help your fellow training buddies out cause its also all about teamwork to an the MARINES like that in their MARINES an Ull learn a lot an keep your gear squared away too cause the drill instructors will mess with you hard in all sorts of ways.Cause its their job to break U,break you down an then rebuild you into finer men but as I’ve said you do what they ask an Ull do okay. Sincerely from a former Marine.Once A Marine Always A Marine till the day you die an then some cause even GOD likes Marines so dont let no one Bullsh_t you.Goodluck To you an hope you make it to where you join a special Brotherhood that you wont ever forget.Cause I went in right out of High School an was in for 12 years an to this day I yet miss it an Remember the good an bad times an of My fallen brothers who are dear in My heart.So Good Luck to Ya Future Marine once you prove Urself.U can Funmail me at Maverick65 on this here funadvice if you want any time.

Answer #2

Thankyou for your service.

  1. Those who encourage team work are recognized as leaders.
  2. Never throw someone under the bus no matter how unpopular they are to the other people.
  3. Use your big kid voice, be loud and proud.
  4. Think outside the box. Sometimes they will give puzzles that will really make you think. My CG buddy told me he had his men fill up a bucket with water from the ocean that was 50 yards away. They only had the uniform on their backs, one man decided he would transport the water from his boots.
  5. Ask your friends and familys to write letters often.
  6. Do not shave your head before you go in. If they can’t shave your head rest assured they will shave somthing.
  7. You have no honor untill you have earned it. G-d bless and good luck, you will be in my prayers.
Answer #3


What tseirpeht said is right on — and I will add…

remove “I” and “ME” from your vocabulary…

Oh — and your first “day” there… don’t expect to get any sleep… You’ll be up the better part of 48hrs before you finally hit the sack…

…and since you’re probably going to Paris Island… You’ll LOVE having to do fire watch! There’s a certain “bug” which I think was made to Marine standards there! LOL!!

Roll with it — pay attention, and we’ll see ya on the other side! GOOD LUCK!

Answer #4

well all I can say is eat up before you leave my fiancee only two brothers are both in the marines and when they came home from bootcamp they were skinny and thanks for having the courage to do something like join the marines something I would never have the guts to do…

Answer #5

Remove I and ME from your vocabulary Be prepared to be able to work extremely hard Get used to extreme loudness and yelling

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