Do Muslims believe in God?

Do you muslims believe in God? I heard on allah who is that? Can someone explain?

Answer #1

well I am muslim and I have read about that . we belive in GOD the almighty GOD only one GOD the creator of all the world . for the name its same if you check the hebrow its called elloh .and if you remember what Jesus said , he said eli eli . its kidna same .. check it out and you will know .. and the arabic christian called GOD Allah too ..

Answer #2

I believe what mrichstone is referring to is the Muslem interpretation of John1 : 1

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Christians see Jesus in a physical “Son of Man” concept as the Son of God . Muslems see Jesus as a Prophet. It very well may be that some concepts are lost when translated into another language.

Answer #3

Allah[please write the name in capital:-] is the Muslim’s God. We use the term God and Allah.Its just a different name for God in Arabic

Answer #4

yES .WE. D0 =] AllAH iS G0D iN ARABiC THATS All .

Answer #5

??? Muslims would consider Jesus more similar to the Koran than to Muhammad.? How. . . . The Koran ( Quran ) is a Book? I even have one. . . .

Answer #6

Actually, Muslims would consider Jesus more similar to the Koran than to Muhammad. Allah is their term for what we call “God.”

Answer #7

Ok, guys…if you’re Christian, there is Jehovah, right? I’m not Christian, but I did visit a church a time or two, and that was the foreign language term they used (eg, pre English translation).

And, if you speak Spanish, the word is “Dios”.

Now, stay with me for a moment: Allah = Arabic term, literally translated to mean god in English.

However, I don’t speak Arabic, I’m guessing…but, it kind of fits, ya?

Answer #8

* …but… he’s dead. Who?

Answer #9

…but… he’s dead.

Answer #10

Of course Muslims believe in God and we call God “Allah”

Answer #11

The Supreme Being in Christianity is labeled ‘GOD’, in Islam, ‘ALLAH’.

Answer #12

Yes muslims believe in God! Allah is God. Just a different word for God.

Answer #13

jesus is similar to mohammed.. father of jesus is equivalent to allah

Answer #14

Why is he called Allah

Answer #15


Yeah… that made no sense…

Answer #16

I always wondered, Is Allah a name or Title?

Answer #17

yes we do

Answer #18

I read it in a college textbook for a World Religions class. It’s an odd perspective, but I think it’s trying to put across that the Quran isn’t like the Bible. I’m definitely NOT the expert on Muslims, though. It does sound a little strange to say that a book is the same as Jesus…the way the text describes it is complicated, probably purely the non-Muslim author’s view of it.

Answer #19

I see what mrickstone means - Jesus is ‘The Living Word of God’ to Christians.

Answer #20

Are you looking for percentages?

Answer #21

Some muslims use BOTH terms…

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