Are you OK with California firing 9,000 teachers?

This is seriously wrong, imho…the news came out that because of the budget crisis, we’re firing 9,000 teachers in our state. So education takes a back seat to expansion of the war in Afghanistan, the helicopters Bush ordered (that Obama hasn’t canceled, yet) and the continued occupency in Iraq.

Given the shootings in Alabama recently…don’t we need some domestic assistance from the Federal government? If we spend all our money on AIG & war…then we have nothing left here, and we become a nation of idiots. OR should GM, Citigroup and AIG really be put ahead of teachers in schools & I’m confused about priorities?

Answer #1

not ok!

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There are certainly more than 9000 crappy teachers in California. If they use this as a way to clear out the dead wood, educational quality will increase rather than decrease.

Answer #4

Now it seems all the priorities are taking a back seat to horrible politics. I won’t mention the one I really am against . I want avoid a series of opposers jumping on my case. It seems like Obama is having to pay back to those who put him in office even if these supporters were there just to get his approval on things (unethical things).

Answer #5

Wow,they seriously want to fire our teachers?Not cool man,they’re just setting themselves up for a crappier world since we’re not getting our education,we’re you’re future and they’re not supplying us with the educational tools we need? We’re just going to be hundreds of thousands(and I think millions?) of more bums ahhh…soon we are going to be a 3rd world country ourselves XP Down with unnecessary spending on stuff we shouldn’t be involved with anymore! Wait,wtf?What the hell does bush need copters for?

Answer #6

Education has always taken a back seat in this country. Our priorities have always been wrong.

Answer #7

You’re right - top priority should be what is best for America - especially our children, which tragically, are presently being saddled with overwhelming future debt - remember two words: voting booth.

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