Should there be warnings about blind people?

Okay, this is a true court case: a woman tripped over the cane of a blind employee at a grocery store. She was running through the store and not paying attention. She sued the store, saying they should have put up signs warning customers that there was a blind employee who used a walking cane on the premises. Her husband also sued, saying because of his wife’s injuries, he couldn’t benefit from her “wifely duties”–yuck. Anyway, do you think the store had an obligation to put up these signs?

Answer #1

No - the woman that tripped, ‘Awareness not maintained’.

Answer #2

I agree with reminds me of an.. unnamed judge who sued a dry cleaning business for an enormous amount of money, just for principal? I don’t think so! We had a debate about something similar to this in a previous philosophy class. I think that disabled people get discriminated against enough–do they have to carry around cards that say “excuse my disability but I may pose a danger”? People in this country spend so much time on frivolous and meaningless things. Looks to me as if the lady who tripped should go back to grade school, I thought that’s when you learned not to run in public places! If she had to live as a blind woman and work in a public place I’m sure she would learn a new meaning to empathy. Even more important, I think it’s so commendable for the blind person actually working at a JOB–it’s more than some people do with no disabilities. Great post! (Keep in mind that this is my personal opinion and I truly hope I’ve not offended anyone.) :-) -S

Answer #3

Maybe adults should be mature enough to know that you don’t run inside public buildings.

Answer #4

What’s the exact court case/docket number and state? If you have it, I’ll look it up and see what the entire case is/was about and let you know some more. I’m not sure of exact laws but I didn’t know blind or disabled people had to warn the public at large to be wary of them. There are ADA laws that companies have to follow (with exceptions, though).

Answer #5

This happened in PA. I don’t know the case/docket number–I really just wondered what you all thought about it. The woman and her husband won initially, but lost in the appeal. The appealed decision was held up by a third court. I was actually discussing this case with a co-worker who is blind..just curious about what other people thought. I think the woman was trying to take advantage of the legal system and the store had no obligation to put up signs warning people of a blind employee.

Answer #6

The Woman should be sued by the store for being a harrard to Handicap people and being Stupid. . . . That just steams me. . . . Did she hire the ACLU?

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