Why didn't McCain bring up Ayers at the debate?

If, as McCain/Palin have been saying on the stump, Obama has this close connection to former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, and it is something that we need to be really concerned about, why didn’t he bring it up during the debate? It is not something new that just came up. It came up during the primary.

Why would he not confront Obama directly when he had the chance?

Answer #1

Chances aren’t over - there’s another debate.

Answer #2

phrannie, Obama is light years ahead of McCain on the issue of economics.

Yes amblessed, there is another debate, but it is a lose/lose situation for McCain. If he doesn’t bring it up, the wing nuts will go balitsic, and if he does, it will clearly show he is desperate and is willing to throw any smear or lie out there in order to win.

Answer #3

I was listening to NPR yesterday. They were discussing the nasty turn this campaign has taken. Nearly 98% of McCain’s ads are attacking Obama and this Ayers smear. While nearly 94% of Obama’s ads are attacking McCain on the issues.

Answer #4

I don’t think that McCain wants to give Obama a chance to defend himself against this attack for this big an audience.

Answer #5

And that’s not saying much…tell me one thing he said in the debate, that would inspire you to put your life savings into HIS mouth???


Answer #6

Maybe he’s leaving the “attacking” to Palen?? Pitbulls, ya know…

Unfortunately for all of us…neither one seems to know much about economics…Obama’s very short on specifics…and McCain has his head where the sun don’t shine…

Woe is us!


Answer #7

the whole ayers thing has been blown out of proportion, its not a real issue. they are just trying to point out reasons why you shouldnt vote for obama. they want to run a negative campaign about him since it works better then telling people the reasons they should vote for mccain.

Answer #8

I agree blerggher. But I think it is telling that McCain when given the chance didn’t bring it up. Let see if he does in the next debate.

Answer #9

in my opinion, he didn’t bring it up because then he would be forced to acknowledge that the whole thing is just a dirty tricks smear. And the head guy can never admit to doing those things. He has to leave it to underlings so that he can maintain deniability. POSSIBLY after they think enough damage has been done, the McCain camp will become very self righteous about it and promise to track down those evil doers - but in fact nothing will be done.

Answer #10

I dont no why dont you ask him

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