Why is this ok?

Why is it ok for black people to say ‘ Hey whats up ni*ga ‘ but if a white person says it then they are racist.

Answer #1

hey katyaannelise you bein a bith. we ain’t stupid. you stupid because usin “they’re” means you are refering 2 all of us. some of us don’t even like bein called niga. the word ‘nig*a” is a racist slur. when white people called us that back in da day we got so use 2 it so we called each other that. we use it as friends. its in our culture is how we greet each other. but when white people call us that it gives us that memory where white people worked us 2 death. it gets us mad. and its like thats are word. its like we can’t call no white people nothin. wow…vanilla… that is the only thing. and I like vanilla so it is not payback to me. got that. I knows its confusin but yall needs 2 learn. especially from me cause I am one of da true blacks. because I am african- nigerian.

Answer #2

well its kinda bad for some black people to address each other like that because it just makes it look ok for other races to call them that. if you dont want to be called it, then you shouldnt use it urself.

Answer #3

because black people say it to eachother.when they say it they sayin it to another black person.it doesnt matter if a black person say it to another black but if a white person say it its kind abeing racist I mean personalyl I’d never say to my best friend wut up my nikka,because its respectful.

Answer #4

When people call other people of the same community a name, especially a name that was once a slur, it’s a way for them to reclaim the name so to speak, if that makes sense? It’s like we’re in control, and we choose to use the name… Now that doesnt quite work if someone outside the community says it, because you never know whether they mean it as a slur or not? All sorts of oppressed communities have their names they can use amongst themselves but it simply isnt acceptable for others to use. It is just the way it is…

Answer #5

weLL reaLLy n01 iis s0pposed 2 use that w0rd and ii 0nly use iit when iim mad but iit sliips 0ut and because whiite pe0ple gave us that name and dey gave us that name when we was slaves and niigger means iignerent so0o when eva a whiite pers0n caLLz us a niigger iitz basiicly caLLiin’ us iignerent but when we say iit we say 2 say hii 2 each0tha but we stiiLL sh0uldnt say iit and we say nii99a n0t niigger biig diifference

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