who thinks its ok to give a stranger my P.O. box?

this grl said SHE REALLY wants to send me something, so i am not gonna give her my physical address, is it safe to give her My p.O. box? any advantages and disadvantages to it?

Answer #1

Who is the girl, how long has she been on the site (I presume it is funadvice), what does she want to send you. Generally it’s ok to give her your PO box, just no id/social security numbers, telephones or more details than just a name and surname, because those can easily be used for identity theft. Also if you’ve known her for a while it also sounds more kosher.

Answer #2

i known her for 2 months but we chat every week..and she said i gave her good advice and she wants to send me a “gift” lol umm, no not funadvice, its yahoo.. but giving her my PO box i better then my mailing address?

Answer #3

Ok, wait, what is the difference between a PO box and mailing address? mailing is email address?

Answer #4

i wouldnt do do it… but if its a P.O. box and if she has no way of knowing your physical addresss, then do it, but with caution. ask her what it is. just be really cautious

Answer #5

PO box is a box at the post office…. Post office box… Its a seperate thing from a mailing address… mailing address would be the address u use on eveything else… PO box is public domain. It’s fairly safe, but she WILL be able to tell the general area u live in

Answer #6

i asked her she said u’ll c when the gift gets their

Answer #7

so its safe?

Answer #8

Ok, thanks for clarifying cassie. I still maintain that it is ok. I have done it before, but I knew the person for quite a while.

Answer #9

its alot safer than a mailing address but there are still some risks to it.

Answer #10

thanks 2 both of u/..@cassie what r the risks?

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