Is it ok to get dressed in font of your friend?

I mean like standing their nude while you put your clothes on like you normaly would if you were alone in your room(if you know whata I mean). Is that ok? I mean we are both girls and the same age and stuff so do you think it is ok if we get dressed in front of each other?

Answer #1

yes its ok. and totally normal.. my sister get dress infront of me and her male friend.. he’s not her boyfriend or anything… so I guess its ok

Answer #2

I walk around my house naked when Im alone(I apologise if that was too much=D), but I wouldn’t get dressed infront of anyone. I don’t see why not, though? I mean I change shirts infront of my cousin, but im not completely naked…

Answer #3

If you are facing away from each other and do it quickly quietly and subtley then yes but I personally don’t get dressed in front of anyone. Even at the gym I can’t strip of in front of strangers in the changeroom, I have to go to the toilets and do it haha.

Answer #4

Yeah it’s fine as long as your both ok with it.

Answer #5

its ok if your fine wit it. I undress in front of meh sistas and best frends

Answer #6

sure its ok , there is nothing to hide between friends , in my hostel i have seen guys romming around naked inspite of girls hanging around there . no one tries to make a big fuzz abt it its normal. one day she seex u naked and other day u see her naked , there is nothing to worry abt

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