My side hurts really bad

Um… I got my appendix out on august 3rd and for some reason my side, where my appendix was, hurts realy bad when I move a certain way. Any ideas of why it might hurt?

Answer #1

After two months, you should have been sompletely healed up. I’d talk to a different doctor.

Answer #2

thanx but the doc said not to worry bout it. 2 days after my surgery my doctor told me I was aloud to go to the fair and ride rides. he also said it might be internal stiches but who knws!!!

Answer #3

it could still be healing or you could’ve pulled something. if it doesn’t stop, you may want to go back to the doctor.

Answer #4

Mine also hurt about for that long after it was removed. It could still be sensitive for quite a while.

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