My stomach hurts really badly

Omg!! My stomach hurts really badly…usally if iget a stomach ache it hurts for about 5-10 minutes…my mom dont seem 2 care rite now…ihav a heating [ad on it…idoubt theres a medicine @ my house…it was a twix that made my stomach hurt…I luvvv twix…

Answer #1

ok..iFigured it out…sorta… it wasnt a allergic reaction err anything…THE TWIX WAS OLD but thnx guys

Answer #2

maybe you have a weak stomch to certain foods you good be allergic to smit or have an intolarence I wud go to the docs bout it tbh ..

Answer #3

lol try malox first and if that doesn’t work, go with pepto bismol. either one does wonders for an upset tummy.

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