Why do boobs hurt really bad and I'm only 18 ?

My boobs hurt but only rally bad on the left side of my left one and not so bad on the right side of my right one

Answer #1

Hard to tell.

  • Maybe you just need a better fitting bra.
  • Maybe they’re growing.
  • Do you happen to have an infection (a cold, a flu)? Do other parts of your body also hurt?
  • Have you done something unusual/ exhausting? Is it really your breast that hurts, or is it the muscles below?
  • Can you feel around wether there’s something hard inside? If there is, see a doctor. Because that might be dangerous.
  • Maybe hormonal reasons caused by period or puberty.
  • I assume you’d know if you were pregnant. But a pregnancy could cause pain there.

Try treating the pain with warmth/cold. Whatever feels better.

If it has been there for more than a week or if it doesn’t go away within a week, see a doctor.

Answer #2

its true that they can get tender when on yur period however they should not be constantly hurting at 18 your finnished going through puberty so there not growing anymore this means any hurting apart from tenderness while on your period is NOT normal and you need to see a doctor

Answer #3

there can be different reasons. when you are pregnant your breasts get sore. when you have a really big chest. or when you are on your period. just take a warm shower and the pain calms down. I hope this helps a little bit with the pain. good luck.

Answer #4

it could be tender b/c of your period if not you should go see a doctor

Answer #5

During your periode your breast could be tender.

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