Why is it so hard for people to understand?

I am 13 years old. How come when I talk people say what? pardon? Why dont people understand what I am saying? Like I try my best to talk clearly and slowly.

Answer #1

odds are the people that “can’t” hear you are doing that on puropose. If not go to speech calss. My bff went and it was a total life saver for her

Answer #2

maybe you talk to low and you need to speak up so they can hear you. or maybe you have an accent and it is hard for them to undrstand your words. I am half white and half mexican and people don’t undestand me sometimes. I was born here and talk more english than spanish. so don’t feel bad.

Answer #3

is it mostly adults? or your age?

Answer #4

Well maybe people can’t understand you..

Answer #5

Then obviosuly that’s why people can’t understand you…duh…?

Answer #6

Maybe you slurr your words? do you have braces or anything? maybe you just talk weird…do you have friends?..

Answer #7

I have braces and I have speech problems

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