Life is hard and I make mistakes

Life is hard and I make mistakes and people always get the qrong end of the stick about me they think im just plain sill but I want every1 to know who reads this that im actually quite sensitive and thts shy I ask a lot of questions so please still answer them truthfully but my question is Why do people most of the time get the wrong end of the stick???

Answer #1

Why do people most of the time get the wrong end of the stick??

They don’t MOST of the time. You’re simply generalizing, making blanket statements, etc.

Answer #2

no im not I just wondered

Answer #3

Because sometimes, it just happens. Life isn’t fair.

Other times, some people don’t know how to present themselves properly for others to understand them. This could factor into genetics, upbringing, and again, sometimes just plain luck. And when I say ‘luck’, I don’t mean this magical event that smiles upon you. I mean that everyone in the world has a 50/50 chance of good and bad.

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