Why do people say they understand when they really don't?

I mean they say they kno wat ur goin through. but the only way they would is if they had gone through it themselves and they probably haven’t

Answer #1

Well sometimes it’s for the best… They think:”My friend is in trouble. If I help her think that she is not alone and that she has friends she could get through it faster.” They may just be trying to be good friends. For example: If you say: “My dog died I can’t believe it! She was such a great dog!” Would you rather your friend says this: “Yeah well that’s life! Hey wanna go see the latest Harry Potter?” or this: “Oh damn… I know how you feel… My hamster died last year. If you ever need a friend or if you want to talk about it… You know I am here.”

Answer #2

I don’t mean friend wise I mean consellors. The only thing they say is u can get through this I kno how u feel. I bet you they don’t kno wat it feels like losing it mum wen ur only 12

Answer #3

Don’t take any offense by this but those are probably the most SH*ITTIEST counselors ever… Jeez! Well I’ll be honest here… I may not know for sure what you are going through but if you want to talk about it I am here!

Answer #4

so bloody true bbez haha no councilor or anyone know what were going through unless they’ve been through it as bad we have so exactly the truth right there there a bunch of pompus jerks just after the money of sick souls needign help but still never get it properlly :O xxxxxxxxxxxx

Answer #5


Answer #6

Agreed xxxx

Answer #7

That’s for damn sure!

Answer #8

haha lol yupp so damn true hehe :D and bbez send me some mor epoints its kwl hehe :D xxxxxxxxx

Answer #9

The counselors are just trying to relate to your feelings in putting your situation through their perspectives. - But you’re right hun, no one has the right to say they “understand what you’re going through” unless they themselves have gone through the same situation. That saying dose get abused for it’s actual meaning, and it’s not fair to you or anyone. I may not know exactly what it feels to lose my mom at such a young age, but I know quite a several friends that have been in your situation and I’ve seen how hard it is on them. So I can imagine the change in life, I’ve comforted them through it… and if you like someone to talk to, I’m a FunMail away :)

Answer #10

They don’t know what else to say.

Answer #11

It’s just their way of trying to make you feel better and try and sympathize with you. Maybe they went through something similar? I dunno I know what you mean. Sometimes people will say just about anything to make you feel better. That’s what my best friend Sam does for me all the time, sometimes it makes me mad but other times it makes me feel better

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