Why do women decide to get an abortion?

Ok, I do not want to offend anyone! Im just curious about what makes them to have one. What are they thinking, like what are your thoughts on it, and what was going through your head when you decided to have one & shit ?? I’m pro-life, but I dont understand why some people get abortions.I can understand on some circumstances, like I know theres a hereditary disease that causes a baby’s head not to form correctly and not close, and they usually die during the pregnency and the ones that live through pregency, die soon after theyre born and they suffer so I can understand, why you would get an abortion so neither of you suffered. But I dont get why some people have an abortion because they dont want a baby, or because they already have one or more, or something like that. If you already have a kid and love them, why would you abort the next one? and if you think its just a lump of cells, why do you not care, its a baby that wouldve had a life. My sisters baby had a heartbeat at 6 weeks. He was alive during 6weeks and now is a beautiful baby boy! My dads ex girlfriend had an abortion and aborted my baby brother because she didnt want anymore kids. If you live in china or somewhere like that I know that its not your choice, but in america you can give it up for adoption. And if you dont have the money to raise a baby, theres welfare, free medicade(or health insurance), food stamps,wic, and free childcare(like if you work or have school)!!! Also you can get child support if the baby’s dad abandons you(men who do that deserve having to pay up, because thats wrong!!!). You can have your friends help you or your parents or siblings. There are many ways to avoid having an abortion, yet people still have them. I just dont understand. So id like to know your thoughts on it! like I said I don’t want to offend any one and if I did im sorry, and please dont post hate comments and tell me what I said that offended you and ill either explain it in another way or take it out of here.

Answer #1

I dont agree with abortion as a means of contraception (funnily enough it’s always the pro-lifers who have an issue with sex education and providing teens with the contraception that would avoid the abortion in the first place, but that’s another discussion), but it is at the end of the day the woman’s right to do what she wants with her body. As long as a fetus cannot survive on its own, it has no real life of its own and is part of the woman. Making it her choice what to do with her body. There may be many ways to avoid one, but why should one have to? Why should someone be forced to carry a pregnancy and either lead a difficult life, or have to go through an adoption process? There’s enough people in the world without adding one more unwanted one on this planet.

Answer #2

Its as simple as what the other 2 said, teens who aren’t ready. They can’t support and take care of a baby since they have too much to deal with as is, so an abortion is the best option to get out of it. I don’t care what people think, abortion is good, if these young girls who are getting knocked up can’t have an abortion, we will end up with many babies being neglected since young girls are unable of properly caring for a child while taking care of themselves as well.

Answer #3

okay so I am 16 and I got an abortion a few days ago. and what these people are saying are the reasons why I got one. im to young, im not ready to devote my life to a child. im still a child. and having a baby for me at this age I don’t know if I could emotionaly take it. I wanna be in the medical field when I graduate, and having this baby would have made much more difficult for me to do so asit is already. now I understand where you come from by abortions are bad and everything but when you are pregnant your not yourself anymore everything in your body is changing so fast. and im 16! my body is not fully devopled. you just got to put yourself in thaat persons shoes and relieze having this abotion is the best she can do for herself her baby and the baby’s father.

Answer #4

I agree with the posts above me, however I want to point out that it isn’t only teens that get abortions. I live in a country rife with poverty and starvation and women often get raped and fall pregnant and have no other option but to abortion the baby. They are not able to get proper pre-natal care, are starving themselves and in many cases adoption just isn’t an option for their babies. Even if they get pregnant while having consensual sex, abortion is just sometimes the better option for them.

In other situations women accidentally fall pregnant, even though being on birth control. I believe that if you did take adequate steps to protect yourself and an accident did happen that you do have a right to an abortion.

Also there are situations where the baby will be physically handicapped or mentally disabled. In those situations I also believe that the mother should have the option available to her of what to do with her body.

Also from my personal pro-choice perspective I am more in favour of the life of the mother. It still remains her body and her choice what to do with it. Not all women do have abortions because they don’t have any other options, some have them because the simply don’t want to be put up with a child or go through pregnancy or birth. I personally would have an abortion if I fell pregnant, I do not want to go through pregnancy or birth and find the whole situation more than just moderately disgusting.

Basically the point I am trying to make is that there are too many situations out there to be considered and without living the person having the abortion’s life we cannot judge or condemn.

Answer #5

a lot of teens get abortions because they think there too young to handle a baby, and there not ready for it, might be still at school. think about education, nappies, food its not cheap! Some people are afraid and others dont think there ready

Answer #6

this is to the sunshine person…I disagree with you totally beCause true you are 16 and your to young for a baby but you wasn’t thinking your to have sex right my point exactly so before you went and had that abortion clinic you should of thought about first no matter what type of stage your body is in your figured that you are old enough to have sex so be old enough to take care of the responsibilities. You laid down and made the baby so stand up and take care of it. You discuss me and you are worthless. You commented a crime and you will pay !!! You really shouldn’t miss with gods children and you did by killing on of them … SHAME ON YOU

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