Why im always smelling at school?if i take showers before going?

Why im always smelling at school if I take showers everyday before going, I put deodorant, I wash my whole body I take like an hour, put lotion, I even buy different perfumes to avoid smelling, I wash my clothes every weekend hate putting dirty clothes, I shave also most everywhere. The thing I hate if a person smell bad next to me I start smelling like them or the halls of school or anything that smell bad. Also im always gasy every morning and to school..I need help..I dont know wats going on with me..I dont have friends in school..I think because of my "natural" smell I got. Smell bad.NEED HELP!!!

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Are you sure you smell bad? You might just be imagining all this. And it's probably not good on your self image. Try not using lotion...that might make you sweaty and don't use too much perfume, then people will start thinking you wear too much. Try carrying gum with you or tic-tacs to keep your breath fresh. And another thing that can affect this is your diet...are you eating well or just eating junk all the time? You can also try a new deodorant or talk to a doctor, maybe a dermatologist? Try using body sprays instead of perfumes, then you can put some on in the morning and it's more of a subtle smell so you can keep some in your locker and maybe spray it once or twice throughout the day. Are you nervous? That could make you sweat a lot too. Relax! It's hard to make friends, especially in this day...people are so rude. Try making friends with someone who doesn't have a lot of friends then the both of you together can make more friends. :) And also, you could try a different type of body wash. SMILE A LOT...a warm smile is always inviting! :) And it could change someone's day!!!

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Well if you have Vaginal Discharge that could be a reason and that is white sticky dries a yelllow color stuff. I leeks into you underwear and what it is is a prep kinda thing for your period I had the same thing trust me I know what you are going through How I solved it is I went out and Bought pantie Liners that have a fresh or any kinda sent to them and The smell stoped hope this helped.=] Bye.

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Ok. And this is part of my particular OCD, so I get where you're coming from, but I logically know this isnt true and this is really something you need to realize. If someone is smelling next to you, you're not going to start smelling. If your school halls smell, it doesnt mean you're going to smell (think about it, then everyone would smell...). Odors dont pass on like that. And again, I do feel for you, because I got to the point where I was showering 5 times a day because I thought smells were sticking to me and I smelt.

You probably dont stink. Check it out with your mom, if she's anything like my mom, she'll tell you when you stink. And if this is in your head (which really I feel for you because I feel disgusting every time I smell something bad, and I really want to shower right afterwards), then you're going to have to deal with it some how. And showering more just makes it worse.

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I understand where your coming from...I feel like I smell too. Soo what I do isi take a shower every morning and I use a scented body wash, and in the I wash like 3 or more times. But it could be the food that you are eating, that has a lot to do with your body ordor...eat more fruit, and less meat. your probably stressing urself put so really RELAX and stop worrying about it, the next thing you know someone will come to you and tell u, you smile good. Also buy some gum that really smells soo when you thing you smell, put some in your mouth and people will think your gum smells good.

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Maybe you wear too much clothes. That can make you sweat a lot and cause you to smell.
Maybe your just nervous. (when peop;le get nervous they start to sweat that can also cause you to smell)
Do you walk to school? If you do try talking the bus are the train.
Drink lots of water to. This will help you a lot!

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this is the same with me. I sit next to a girl who is friends with my bff and she tells my bff that I smell, and my bff tells me. I wear deo too, clean cothes, shower often, but I think its the clothes even though they aqre clean. I Smell good before I go to school, but when I get on the bus I SMELL! so I dont know what too do and I dont wear too much clothing

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