How can I take a shower while on my period?

I am having my first period (first day) and its time to take a shower. how can I take a shower and im not using a tampon when im only 13!!! what could I do.

Answer #1

just get in tha shower lol duhh

Answer #2

just shower as if theres no period

Answer #3

You don’t have to use anything. Just do what you would normally do when your not on your period.

Answer #4

just shower normally

Answer #5

You can shower without a tampon or pad in. Youre not supposed to wear either in the shower, because you need to clean yourself extra carefully on your period to prevent infection, ect. Just wash as usual, with water. No soap, because soap down there can cause infection.Your vagina naturally cleans itself though discharge anyways. So use a washcloth or whatever you’d normally use, and dont worry about a pad or tampon in the shower.

Answer #6

you can just wash like normal, the blood will probably stop when your in the shower anyways.

Answer #7

Yeah, you just wash yourself like normal. And if you start bleeding, just wash yourself off

Answer #8

Uhm get into the shower and wash yourself like normal? I dont see what the problem is?

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