Who can please help me!!! I need help??

ok so I don’t know I’ve been felling like I smell bad I tell my parents and they say that I dont and its in my head like I tthink I smell bad from my ass when im with people they touch their nose and I think its me who smells bad or when I get nervous I start to swet down there and I go to a bathroom to go wipe myself and sometimes poo comes out or nothing does I always take showers now like 3 a day and go to the bathrrom everyday to check and im tired no one has helped me and I dont even want to go to school or with friends I really need help?? please

Answer #1

maybe you just need to shower..use deoderant..use cologne..and wipe your butt with baby wipes after you shit..and then try to shower after you take a dump

Answer #2

Couldnt you just go to your docs?? && ask? It maybe embarrasing.. But if you want the overall embarassment to stop.. Then you shld go figure it out.

Answer #3

wow I still think I smell bad I really want to talk to a doctor because mine dosent know anything

Answer #4

I always do that and I don’t know but I always think I doo I don’t know why and yea I am going to go to the doc because im tired of being like this I’ve seen theres other people with the same problem I have and they feel the same way I do same I dont know what to do? I told my doc one time but he said it was on my head but I didnt tell him of everything how I feel

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