how can I get my period pains to go away??

I get really bad period pains at school and I can’t consontrate and I can neva get it away til I go home and take loads of pain killers! how can I make go at school? I really need to know because im in year 9 and need all the work done at school for my sats and it really aint halping when I have a day because of my period pain please help x

Answer #1

Take a pain killer before you go to school Take the pain killers with you to school Or talk to your mum about being put on the pill

Answer #2

I was always told to drink cranberry juice or if you dont like the plain get cranberry mix juice like with apple or something it really does take the pain away. Before take midole or something like that or take them with you and take one during lunch.

Answer #3

yeah but I ment when im at school

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