Why is graffiti a bad thing to do?

Why the graffiti is a bad thing to do I have seen walls with beautiful graffiti so I dont understand why is that bad.

Answer #1

because it is destroying someone’s property!!!

Answer #2

I also think it is really nice. Its like a way of showing expression, doing beautiful creative art. Its only when it really vandalizes property and it doesn’t really have a purpose - thats what bugs me. But when its a really nice piece of art, I really love it!

Answer #3

basicaly, it’s not a bad thing, there are very beautiful graffiti on walls, and in other words, its a very beautiful art. but lets go a bit with history, where and how graffiti started?.. in the poor gangster areas in america, and the graffiti back then, wasn’t for beauty, but it declaired gang areas, etc… but as for right now, tallented artist, found a great use to it. some people are still old fashioned about it, and consider it as vandalisem, but if you want to paint a graffiti, find a wall, which noone touches, and just do whatever.. graffiti in main is a way to self express… for artist, and normal people, like everyone…

why it’s bad? because of it’s history. people just don’t understand sometimes that things change.. ^.^

I hope I helped, Alex. ;)

Answer #4

If you want to do something beautiful, then either ask permission or do it on your own property. The reason it is a bad thing is because it is not your property and you have no right to do anything to it.

Answer #5

Cause when people do it they are destroyin someone elses property. I dont see nothin pretty bout them, especially when they put symbols up for death and murder. most of the time their not there for decoration their there to get someones attention.

Answer #6

When people ask the owners permission to do it, it’s okay because it’s not real graffiti, its ‘graffiti art’. Real graffiti is done without permission, and undermines the law, and therefore is bad.

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