Why do some people think that it's a bad thing to have extra body parts?

I mean, it’s evilution. The next generation could have wings if it weren’t surgicly chopped off.

Answer #1

becuase we think of it as something foreign and different and we like normality. we fear things that are different because it can cause harm ect.

Answer #2

because it means a defect or mutation in the genes and who knows what other side effects there are. it foes against what a normal genetic code should be like.if i had an extra leg i thin i’d be worried.

Answer #3

its different to them. People dont like different if they found interest in regular routine or exposure or lack of

Answer #4

Because people are scared of people who are different then yourself. Sort of the same reason of the holocaust and the segregation of black people, everyone is human just some people have different looks and beliefs.

Answer #5

Because its not normal. And no, its not evolution.Its because something has gone wrong during development. Embryo patterning is dependent on chemical gradients and if these are abnormal, then you end up with things like extra body parts, lack of body parts, body parts in the wrong place, etc.

Answer #6

It doesnt necessarily have a genetic basis. It can be due to environmental factors during pregnancy, such as teratogenic chemicals or ionising radiation

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