Whats the most bad thing you have ever done?

Most bad thing I have done is telling my parents I was at a friends house then going out with my boyfriend and driving a car drunk throug a corn field at 4am.. Hahaha

Answer #1

Cutting myself brutally once when I was upset …and smashing a mirror with my elbows when my uncle died

Answer #2

hahahhaha.. holy SHI* that sounds like a lot of FUN

Answer #3

telling my parents I was staying over my friends house when really I stayed at my g/fs housee..but we woke up in the morning to the doorbell ring with my dad at the door. apparently he was skeptical the whole time and passed my friends house and didnt see my car so he knew where I was haha. another is me and my friends regularly used to ride around drinking 40s, smoking blunts and blasting music all night…pretty wreckless. one night we were so wasted we went into a 7-11 and pissed on the floor, one guy working saw us and started yelling and called the cops. we bolted out, I pushed the guy so hard out of the way he knocked an entire isle over. then we sped off and went to my friends who lived around there

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