how to say bad funny things in frech?

do you know how to say bitc* or any other swears or bad things in french!

I can say.. oh flame la lo bush that means shut your mouth! .lol

Answer #1

yeah thats why I said jk.. ya know. just kidding!

Answer #2

thanks people.. I am gonna say that to my french teacher.. JK JK LOL

Answer #3

a** in Spanish is burico or burro

Answer #4

“Ferme la bouche” means “shut your mouth” but it doesn’t mean “shut up.” To say “shut up,” you would say “tais toi.”

Just an aside–saying that to a teacher is INCREDIBLY rude.

Answer #5

Actually ‘shut your mouth’ is ferme la bouche. (ferme la boosh) Btch? I am not sure…sorry Crap? merde Dmn? Rien Sh*t? merde


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