Why do I feel like god is punishing me?

Almost everything in my life goes wrong and if it doesnt go wrong it goes right in a weird way am I being punished or is it all my fault?

Answer #1

For all we know the bible could be a made up… fairy tale. No offence to anyone… but someone with a good imagination could have just made the whole thing up…


  • Jess
Answer #2

God is just evil… he lets lots of innocent people suffer… don’t worry you’re not the only one =]

I personally dont believe in him any more =]

Dont take it personally =P

Answer #3

Read your bible. You will know in your heart if he is punishing you. If he is, all you need to do is pray, read your bible, and repent of your sins

Answer #4

Everything happens the way it was meant to…if something goes wrong - there’s a reason for it. You just need to try and hold your head up long enough to see what it is.

Answer #5

Actually no one has a life in which everything goes well. There will be some wrongs here and there. Why? Because if everything was going okey and there were no problems then no one will think of God.

When problems are more then its means that God wants something more from you than just thinking about Him. Get closer to him. Read the Bible more and know Him. Take focus off you and focus more on God.

If you want to have a detailed discussion with me please fun mail me.

Answer #6

There are as many nights as days and one is just as long as the other in a year’s course. Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of sadness and the word “happy” would lose its meaning if not equaled with sadness. God isn’t punishing you - he is allowing you to live and grow. If you talk to him, tell him what’s in your heart, he will listen. Explain the problems then ask him to help. Be sure to take time to listen. You will feel the answer in your heart and hear it in your mind. When things get bad, everyone retreats. Winners retreat to their strengths - losers retreat to their weaknesses. Your strengths are your faith in God, kindness, charity, gratitude, and ability to work hard. He gave you these things because he knew you would need them.

Answer #7

thats your fault not trying to be mean but it is… and Karma, sucks doenst it :-P lol

Answer #8

Maybe you’re spending more time concentrating on what is wrong in your life, and not enough time paying attention to what is good in your life? Good and bad luck is spread pretty evenly around…in most cases…if you look at what is happening you can see what part you played in getting the result…good or bad. Being able to see your own part, frees you from being a victim to God or people or anything else that gets tossed your way.


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