Why does my boyfriend accuse me of cheating?

Why does he do this? My boyfriend just accused me of cheating on his last friday. He called me a slut and a dirty whore. He also told me to kill myself and before I do “look in the mirror and ask myself why im shuch a slutty bitch to the best thing that has ever happened to me”. Weve been dating for a little over a year and a half and as much as I reassure him im not cheating he still thinks I am. All weekend he hasnt been talking to me and he send me a text today saying “you dont yet babycakes ;)”. I asked them who he was saying that to after he said “wrong person” but all he said was not to you. I dont know what to do, I love him so much but this relationship is draining me out and all I do is cry but im scared to lose him.

Answer #1

this guy is a complete as*hole, you need to get out of this relationship hes accusing you of cheating and your not even worse he told you to kill yourself, someone who loves you would NEVER say that and whats even worse, is that hes probaly flirting with other girls/ cheating on you because that babycakes text was obviously meant for another girl get out while you can if youve explained that you havent cheated enough times and hes not listening get out because its not worth it it might also be a good idea to ask him were the hell he got the idea that you supposedely cheated…did a friend tell him? ect

Answer #2

In my opinion, it sounds like he’s the one thats cheating, I’ve gone through that SO many times before, I was with one guy, and he kept accusing me of cheating, turns out he had been, and because he was feeling guilty he accused me.

If this guys acting like this, as much as it may hurt, it could be time to let him go, you shouldnt stay with someone thats upsetting you and calling you nasty names. And if he’s sending texts to other people like the one you mentioned, it defo sounds like he might be flirting with someone else. sorry.

I hope I helped.

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