is it good to keep on convicing you boyfriend that he is cheating

I say that a lot to my boyfriend but he is like that he is not cheating so do you think if I keep on saying that then he is going to cheat or that does not matter

Answer #1

If your boyfriend is anything like my ex then he may cheat. He would say well you are already accusing me then I should go ahead. And which he did. Well if he does cheat, you can And will find better. There is SO many people in the world. Just think of them all!

Answer #2

Unless you have good reason to accuse him don’t. There seems to be alot of trust issues you need to work through with your boyfriend, try to dig down to see where this is all coming from. Seems to me you have some relationship insecurities. yes he could dump you if you keep bugging him. good luck.

Answer #3

Dont insist him that he is just ask. You will piss him off to the point where he dumps you with or without cheating!! Ive been there girl!!

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