accused of cheatin on my boyfriend

I Got accused of cheatin on my boyfriend (now my ex)!!! Apparently I went to the movies with this other guy. I mean this guy has been a jerk to me and I know hes cheated on me before…I didnt cheat on him!!! What should I do to get over him and move on

Answer #1

I just broke up with my boyfriend, now ex boyfriend two hours ago, and I’m in peices because I caught him with my bff, but going to a movie is not as bad as what I caught him doing, he wasn’t even drunk, he was in the car, making out, on her, unbuttoning her shirt. She saw me and got up and my boyfriend too, and she chased after me and he chased after her, and they ran back to the car, and next minute I her her go “Oh Josh” and the car was shaking, now she’s pregnant, and they’re together

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