Why do my boyfriend accuse me of being or wanting to be with ?

Why do my boyfriend accuse me of being or wanting to be with someone else is he doing just that cheating on me?

Answer #1

Don’t be so naieve though because sometimes when they accuse you of cheating all the time it’s because they are paranoid you will because they are.

Answer #2

Yeah behavior like that, is usaully cuased by low self esteem, and he might think its shocking that a girl like you is actaully with him, so he’s doubting himself. I doubt he is cheating. Usaully a guy will accuse you of straight up cheating, not just wanting to be wit: somone else, if he is actaully the one cheating.

Answer #3

Your boyfriend is being jealous and possessive. If constantly accuses you, as you so put it, it means that he is highly insecure and has low self-esteem- I doubt that he is cheating on you. These kinds of guys are really not worth it but if you want to stay with him, be prepared for his constant emotional baggage.

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