Why does everything i eat taste like ash?

Lately everything I eat tastes like crap in my mouth. I don't enjoy eating anymore What can I do so I like food? I don't want to get sick again :/
Peace )O(

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Hahaha thank you :]

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You might try putting ash on something then everything you eat after that ash covered thing will taste good. Eat something damnit! :P

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Did you recently vomit?

If so it is due to the acid built up in your esophagus/burnt in to your tastebuds. Try sipping on room-temperature water and sucking on hard strongly flavored candies (peppermint works well) Also brushing your teeth and gargling with an antiseptic gargle (listerine) helps.

Drink room-temperature gingerale or gatorade may also help.

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If you smoke it probably causes it, if not I don't know

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