Who here likes eating lemons?

I was at college today and I had a lemon in with my lunch because I love them and reece… my best mate … was like…Crystal… Wot The F**k??? is there anyone else who can eat them or am I just wierd?? Angel XxX

Answer #1

its not uncommon, but bad for your stomach lining.

Answer #2

I love eating a small slice of lemon once in a while…but I’ve never eaten a whole one :)

Answer #3

I dont eat full lemons but when I have a gin and tonic yes I eat the slice :p

I prefer g and t with lime and I like eating the slice in that too..

Answer #4

I like lemon slices with honey or salt..I heard its bad for your period tho

Answer #5

I love eating lemons, I can eat a whole one :D

Answer #6

I like eating lemons :P but not a whole one xD a few slices and im gd :P

Answer #7

your a lemon.

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