What does tofu taste like, also what is the texture?

I know tofu is healthy, and something a vegetarian would eat instead of meat…but what does it taste like? Is there another food you can think of that tastes similar to help describe the taste?

Answer #1

I cant even describe it - without seasoning tofu just taste like crap. I dont see how anyone likes that stuff…the kind i tried had a weird pasty texure to it…grainy a bit too.

Answer #2

Tofu has no taste. You have to introduce taste with spices or other foods. I’m a vegan, and I do eat Tofu, but not too much anymore.

You can buy it in textures that are as soft as jelly, or very close to as hard as a steak.

Generally, try to orient towards fruits and vegetables, and away from the meat substitutes. Its not called VEGEtarian for nothing.

Answer #3

Eww… O_o That doesn’t sound too good at all…

Answer #4

Trust me, it depends on who cooks it. You can cook meat and it tastes awful if not cooked or seasoned right. Tofu in the right hands tastes wonderful.

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