What is the fondant bakery's use to make cakes actually made of, do you eat that part, and what does it taste like?

When I watch shows on TV like cake boss, or ultimate cake off, or anything I see they use fondant a lot, but it doesn’t look very good. It looks like play dough. Are you actually supposed to eat that?

Answer #1

It’s rolled fondant….it’s made of sugar, and yes, you eat it. Personally, I can’t stand the stuff though.

Answer #2

It looks like it would be doughy or chewy, why would someone eat a cake with that stuff all over it? What happened to icing? LOL.

Answer #3

That stuff actually goes over top of icing - it creates a smooth, flawless finish. It’s not chewy - it does dissolve in the mouth, but it’s very sweet.

Answer #4

It’s far too sweet for my liking, but it can make cakes look more elegant, my Mom made a wedding cake for someone with it once.

Answer #5

Well, still something dissolving in my mouth when eating a cake doesn’t sound too good. That reminds me of cotton candy and I hate cotton candy. LOL. But I have to say, it does make cakes look very nice. I think I would just eat the inside of the cake, without the fondant. =]

Answer #6

yes, you eat it.

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